Genetics technologies changing the world

Innovations, experiments, and inventions have never failed to surprise humankind by the stunning facts it reveals every day. Technology is something that is progressing daily with every step taken towards achieving something and setting a benchmark. From mobile phones to food, from plant saplings to plastic surgery, everywhere, science and technology have brought severe changes in the world. It is immensely important to keep up with the technology that surrounds us from head to toe. 

Genetic Technology

Talking of genetic technology or genetic engineering, it is one such invention of science that has challenged the Godly power of creation! 

What is genetic technology?

As we know, human beings are born with the traits and genes of their birth givers and possess the natural genetic structure. With genetic engineering, even humans have acquired the power to mix and match the gene structure of any organism they want. This technology is now being used in a lot of places to gain several benefits. 

This technology has completely altered the fact that organisms can only be born possessing their parents’ natural traits and genes. The experts can now hybridize the genes as per their convenience to change an organism’s basic genetic structure. This process has also been very useful in several discoveries, and the effect of the same in plants and the human race has been magical. 

This branch has made changes to two major classes of species on this planet: flora and fauna, while the other being the Homo sapiens. This process has affected both of these in various ways. The benefits and examples of both are listed below. 

Benefits of gene technology for plants:

The scientific invention of gene modification has many benefits and will bring several notable changes in the world. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Healthy food:

As the plants and vegetables’ genetic structure can also be changed, certain methods can lead to the growth of healthier vegetables and fruits. 

  • Resistant plants:

This process can also result in resistant plants that can bear everything from draught to disease and can live without fertilizer or water for longer times. 

  • Reduced use of pesticides:

The pesticides that were needed for the growth of plants are not important now as this can be done by altering the plants’ gene structure. There is no need for any artificial fertilizers to be used. 

  • Increase in supply:

Genetic technology has also positively affected the growth of several crops and essentials. This process has increased the supply without causing any effect on cost.

  • Boots growth:

The alteration of the genetic structure can boost the growth of several plants and crops. 

Examples of products of genetic technology:

  • Soybean
  • Plum
  • Canola
  • Corn

Benefits of genetic technology for humans:

The process of genetic engineering has equally affected the human race as much as it did to plants. There are several benefits of the same on humans as well. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Help recovering hereditary diseases:

People who have diseases that tend to pass from generation to generation can present their children from suffering from the same with genetic technology. 

  • Healthy birth:

With the fetus’s examination, several diseases can be cured at that stage only. 

  • Treat mental health issues:

This process can also help in dealing with mental health issues. The genetic engineering of the tissues of the brain can help find cures for mental disorders. 

Apart from these, there are many other benefits of genetic technology for humans as well. 

Therefore, the discoveries being made in the medical sciences and the advancing technology makes nothing seem impossible. The changes that are being brought in the world with both of these factors are perplexing. Genetic technology is changing the world for good

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