How to create a great online course?

You can learn anything on the internet. You can even get certified. In the past few years, people have been using online portals to complete their education and get certified. Many prominent websites offer courses on different things. When you think about these websites- Udemy, Udacity, Coursera and Skillshare come to your mind. People sign up on these websites for several different courses. 

But did you ever think, who creates these courses? These online portals allow people to create courses and post it online. What most people don’t know is, this is a great earning opportunity. If you are an expert in something, you can use it to earn a fortune. All you need is a camera and some teaching skills.

Here are some things you should keep in mind while creating an online course.


Picking a topic is the first and the most important step of creating a course. You need to pick something you love, but you must possess substantial knowledge of that topic. If you have multiple options open to you, try to narrow down things. Try to eliminate options, like based on audience response.

A Venn diagram can come in handy here. You can start by listing your interests on one side. And on the other side, you can start listing things, on which you possess knowledge. And eventually, something ideal will come up. 

Picking a topic

Market Demand

What good is it if you take a course and nobody buys it? You need to choose something that is in demand and has the potential to stay trending. People tend to go for courses that have a high market demand

Do your research. Learn about what is trending and what has potential. When you think of something big and demanding, most course creators try not to step in. They believe that there is strong competition out there and their content shall be overlooked. But you should know that there is more demand than the competition.


Once you decide on which topic you want to develop a course, it is time to outline your content. Start by dividing your topic into subtopics. And decide what points will you cover under each subtopic. 

This will help you divide your course into simple steps. This simple approach will make your content appealing to the masses.


Decent camera and microphone to record

Once you have the content ready, it is time to record. You must have a decent camera and a microphone to record your lessons. It is best if you have a sound-absorbing environment to record in.

Most YouTubers and podcast hosts record in a room with thick curtains or heavy sheets. Some even use blankets as they absorb sound and minimize disturbance. Audio plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of the audience. 

Editing and Publishing

Once you are don’t with recording, start editing. Not only do you need to edit out mistakes, but you need to make sure that your video is not too long.

While editing, you can decide to split a video into two. This might not be a smart move when it comes to YouTube. But for a course, it can prove to be a gem. 

Once you have edited your videos, it is time to publish. But uploading your content is not the end of it. You need to have a proper description and convince your audience to pick your course. Adding subtitles can prove to be helpful.

Editing and publishing

Something to take away

No matter how great your course is, your students need something to take home with. Pen down your innovative ideas and convert them into a PDF. This is more than just a take-home present, it is a marketing strategy.

Besides the main content, make sure that you include details about you and your brand. Give them a reason to come to you. Your PDF should focus on the benefits of attending your course. You can give them a glimpse of what more is to come.

These are some important steps you must follow if you want to create an awesome course. You may know a lot regarding the topic. But if you fail to deliver it properly, it is not going to produce any results.

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