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External beautification is something that we all pursue. Be it on a small insignificant level or a huge fandom love, we all pursue it. Indian women are known for their unique beauty approach. Inside you will find a wide variation. Some women lead a minimalistic life in terms of makeup. And then there are others for whom makeup is more or less an obsession. This deep love for makeup and makeovers, India has a substantial amount of beauty blogs. 

The best thing about Indian beauty blogs is they cover multiple skin tones. From the fairest maidens to the dusky beauties, they cover everything. So if you want some beauty tips tailored to your skin type and skin tone, Indian beauty blogs are the best. Here are some of the best Indian beauty blogs you must check out.

Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and Beauty - Indian beauty blogs
Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and Beauty is by far the most visited beauty blog with an average of over 2 lakh daily visitors. This Indian beauty blog is the trendsetter when it comes to makeup, hair and skincare, and fashion.

Besides this, it also offers a wide range of DIY and health tips to keep you fit and glowing. On Makeup and Beauty, you will find product reviews of the latest beauty products in the market. It also has a bunch of makeup tips for you to follow. And the best thing about this website is that it has a robust team. Their team is dedicated to making your beauty life a little easier.

Wise She

It is not just a beauty blog. It is more of a culture blog that covers additional topics like fashion, food, and travel. But Beauty and makeup remain to be the centre of this blog. They have genuine product reviews. Their articles are well researched which automatically gives authenticity to the content. They focus on enlisting the pros and cons of every product which is sure to make your decision easier.

You will also come across some interesting hair and skin solutions. If you are into all these things, Wise She is the place to be.

Be beautilicious

Beauty blog Shalini Shrivastava
Blog owned by Shalini Shrivastava

Sounds a little exotic, and it is! It is a blog owned by Shalini Shrivastava. Here you can find something more than just helpful beauty tips and makeup suggestions. It covers a wide range of topics including beauty salons, spas, food, and travel. She also has a YouTube channel.

The best thing about this blog is that you get a deep analysis of everything. You get to compare similar products from different brands that allow you to make an informed choice regarding your beauty needs.

The Boho girl

This is essentially a skincare blog run by Kritika Khurana. It is all about beauty and makeup. And it shouldn’t surprise you that she has a degree in fashion designing. Her blog focuses on Bohemian fashion and useful skincare tips. The Boho Girl is full of product reviews, especially on new and improved creams.

Peaches and Blush

Peaches and Blush is another skincare blog. It is owned by Mehak Sagar. She is well known in the beauty industry for bridal makeup and hair. Her approach to beauty, makeup, and skincare are unique. It focuses on different skin tones and what suits them the best. Product reviews, makeup tips, and much more can be found on her blog.

New Love-Makeup

Blog owned by Bhumika Thakkar Indian beauty blogger
Blog owned by Bhumika Thakkar

Bhumika Thakkar is the proud owner of New Love-Makeup. She talks about beauty fashion and food. This place feels more of a personal blog and you are sure to find solutions to all your beauty problems here. On New Love-Makeup you will come across beauty tips, interesting product reviews, beauty and fashion events, and tips of dressing well. Here you can give yourself a makeover, that is the power of New Love-Makeup.

She has a section called OOTD or Outfit Of The Day in short. Where she uploads what goes with what and how you can dress better. Have a look and you can even copy it!

These were some of the best beauty and makeup blogs that are owned and run by Indian women. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many Indian beauty blogs yet to be discovered.

If you want to visit some more Indian beauty blogs check out the following links:

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