The Most Useful Phone Apps To Use In 2020

Phones are basic gadgets that are now available at everyone’s disposal. However, with the change in time, there have been many additions to these phones, and the best part of this evolution was the emergence of applications. There are over 2 million mobile applications in the world, with each providing a unique purpose. However, out of these, there are some which you must have in your smartphone to get the best of the device. Therefore, we bring you a comprehensive list of must-have mobile applications, which will bring out the maximum potential of your device. 

Best social media applications: Let us connect

  • Instagram

The growth of Instagram has been humongous. The photo and video uploading platform has become a great source of information about the life of your loved ones, while the direct message feature will help you message them instantly. You also have voice calls and video calling option on the application. The application is also furnished with several filters which will make each post better than the original.

  • Facebook 

The sheer number of users present on Facebook is evidence that this application is always going to be one of the most used social media applications throughout the world. You can keep up with your family and friends by having instant chats with them and being informed about each update with the help of push notifications.

Best camera applications: Smile, please 

  • Snapseed 

If GOOGLE LLC backs an application, then you can be sure that it is furnished with some of the best software capabilities. The application came out to be a star as a camera and a photo editing application. The software helps the camera to take great photos, while the editing feature is top-notch. A person with minimal skills can edit a photo through the application and get great results.

  • Adobe Lightroom 

Does Adobe need an introduction? The camera capabilities of Adobe’s software are known throughout the world. The Lightroom allows you to take awesome photos, and the editing software will give you complete control if you want to edit the image.

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Best video playing applications: Lights, camera, action!

  • VLC Media Player

If you own an android device, then you might be able to play videos out of the box. However, it would be great to have a supplement for your default application, and VLC Player is the best fit for it. The application provides you with total control over your video viewing experience and helps you to do so with its tons of features.

  • MX player 

MX player has become quite popular amongst Android users. The application doubles up as an OTT platform and provides free content on it. You can view the content on the platform and can control the playback speed, add subtitles, and tweak with the other settings of the video to have the best results.

Best video streaming services: Let us chill

  • Netflix

If you are looking for an application that is a good video streaming service, then Netflix is the first name that might click you. The application is not just some video streaming service provider; it is “The video service provider”. Get the best of the content on this application and “Netflix and chill”. 

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon launched its video streaming service, which became a massive success. In 2020, several shows available on the platform, including The Boys season 2 were one of the most-watched series. The original series and movies which are exclusive to the platform are an awesome choice to watch in your free time.

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Best music application: Sound on

  • Spotify 

Spotify is undoubtedly the best music streaming application out there. The application is free to use, however, if you want ad-free service then pay 10 dollars a month. You will find the latest and old hits on the application. You can also download music and play it offline if you have the premium plan.

  • Apple Music

Why let all the android users have fun? This is something that might have crossed the developers’ minds when they first thought of creating Apple Music. The application is a great alternative over Spotify if you are an Apple loyalist. Apple’s Beats 1 radio station is something that makes the difference from others as it plays old and current hits making it a great ride. However, it is not a free ride to the Apple music world, pay 10 Dollars a month for this service for non-stop music.

These are some must-have mobile applications segregated based on their usage. Use each of them for their unique features and you will find a considerable rise in your experience. These applications are compatible with most of the devices providing you with complete control. Try them out today to get the best mobile user experience.

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