These movies were better than the books they were inspired by

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It can be pretty tough to adapt a book with its minute details on the screen. The interesting characters, situations will go through some kind of changes to make the overall movie fascinating. If you are a lover of books and movies likewise, then you are in for a surprise to find out movies that did exceptionally well, than the book it was inspired from. As far as movies are concerned, they have a creative space which gives them an added benefit of making the movie enigmatic. We have seen a huge number of book adaptations in recent times, however, some movies have done considerably well. Let us have a look at the best movies that were adapted from books. 

1. Bridget Jone Diary 

This one is a romance-comedy movie that is packed with every dose of emotion. The movie is adapted from a book and is pretty enjoyable to watch. Though the book was fair enough which traces the diary of the protagonist, the movie is much stronger than the book. It would be easy to say that the movie outdid the book in all attempts. The interactions between Renee Zellwegger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant were worth a watch. The way the story shapes up brings you a lot of joy and excitement to watch. Each one of them essayed their roles to perfection and added their unique touch to the movie. Do watch this movie if you are a fan of rom-coms. 

2. Jaws 

The novel Jaws came out in 1974 which was an easy miss. It did not make much of an impact and was just considered a decent book. However, the adaptation of the same has its share of history. The movie went on to become a blockbuster and created records. Those who have watched the movie would know that it is a masterpiece. You pretty much can’t find any flaws or mistakes in the movie. The book adaption is a must-watch movie for a surreal experience. See the book come to life with this amazing book adaptation

3. Fight Club

This one is a very popular movie that became much bigger than the original book. This entertaining flick came out in 1999 and went on to mint money across the world. The best part of the book adaptation was that it added a lot of details and twists to the narration that makes it all the more enjoyable. Look out for dramatic events that will keep you entertained and fascinated till the very end. Directed by David Fincher, it stars Brad Pitt, Meat Loaf, Edward Nortan amongst others. 

4. The Notebook

Next up on our list is ‘The Notebook’ which is a treat for romance lovers. The book was written by Nicholas Sparks and was a huge hit. However, in 2004, the book adaptation gave us a big surprise on the screen with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam. The thing that worked for this movie was the sizzling chemistry between the lead pair which makes you want to fall in love. Also, the story showed the true ups and downs faced by couples in relationships. Though the book was very famous, the movie upped the game and became a blockbuster. Do not give this movie a miss and treat yourself to some good entertainment. 

movie books

These are some of the best movies that were adapted from a book. If you haven’t watched any of these book adaptations, go ahead and treat yourself to these wonderful creations. We assure you that you will love these films more than the book. Happy Watching!

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