Top OTT series to look forward to in 2021

The worst part of watching a series is the waiting period for the next season to unfold. The release of new seasons take a lot of time. Thankfully, in 2021 there are some popular shows bringing their next season in 2021. OTT series in 2021 are sure to make your year full of excitement and fun. Below are some series we think are a must-watch.

Family Man Season 2

This might be the best news for the fans of Indian movies and series. Family Man is all set to return with a new season this 2021. Fans all around the world were elated to see the teaser of the show released by Amazon Prime Videos on their official YouTube Channel. We are all waiting to see how the story unfolds of Srikant an Indian agent trying to balance his family and duty against the nation.

Lucifer Season 6

Talk of the Devil! Well, our favourite evil incarnate is all set to hit your screens this year on Netflix. The last season of the fan favourite series kept us hanging when God intervened the tussle between the angelic siblings. This was the first time we were introduced to the character of God in the series. What might unfold in the future is still a mystery to some, as the series has won the hearts of many fans. 

To the people who have missed this gold should catch up by watching the previous seasons before the new series premiers. The story revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, The Devil, who has come to Los Angeles as he is bored of his lifestyle in Hell. Things take some funny turns and voila, The Devil is now an advisor to the LAPD. This results in the introduction of many celestial beings in the story while people falling in love with The Devil seeing his character development.

The Boys Season 3 

We are all set to see new heads getting explode in this new season of The Boys. Billy Butcher and The Boys are ready to fight supes and kick their super butts. In this season we would be introduced to the character of Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles

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In the last season our favourite characters brushed past death after fighting Stormfront and Homelander loosing his sanity. Who could forget the words of wisdom passed by Butcher to his step son, 

“Don’t be a C*nt”

Watch it this year on Amazon Prime Videos. 

Delhi Crime 2

We have our hopes high for the next season of Delhi Crime. The first season won an Emmy last year and we could not wait to see how they could break that record. This season had nothing to do with the last season, as it is a standalone project. All the characters are different and no overlapping with the last story would be performed. This seems like, the makers are trying to weave an anthology with this series.

The Witcher Season 2 

Superman is again going to take the role of the Witcher in this Netflix exclusive (points to you if you get the reference). The Witcher is all set to hunt more beasts down in this season, protecting the young and pretty princess. 

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Well, you need to save the princess if you are bound to them by some freaky ancient law. 

Stranger Things Season 4 

Stranger Things have gathered a plethora of fans all around the globe. The teaser of Season 4 excited all the fans as it sealed the fate of Jim Hooper. The horrors of the parallel dimension, Upside Down are to be encountered in this season and we are witing to see how our teenagers in the town of Hawkins, Indiana are going to hold up their own. In this season, the threats are going to be bigger, the excitement is going to be bigger and the entertainment is going to be better. Catch it this year on Netflix.

You Season 3

This psychological thriller is going to cross all limits in its new season in 2021. The obsessive mind of Joe Goldberg is sure to bring chills to you. The psychotic tendencies of Joe are a must see in this series as the season picks from the last season’s finale. Joe’s girlfriend is pregnant with his child and we know that this is not good news. A series full of romance and thrill is surely a treat for you. Check this out on Netflix. 

Asur Season 2 

Asur Season 1 was a huge success considering the fact Voot Select is not as popular as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The first part brought chills to those who watched the masterpiece. The new season is banging the doors of 2021; however, the dates are yet to be announced. The story of Asur revolves around two forensic experts filled with questions of religion, a lot of thrill and a hell load of suspense. The season 1 of the series has set the bar high, making this psychological thriller a must watch on our list. The story is quite unique and has the ability to keep you glued to your seats.

These were some amazing series you could watch on different OTT platforms this year. 

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