Why is Nikola Tesla an Underrated Genius?

Recall your high school days, and think about your science classes. At some point in your life, you must have come across the names of Newton, Einstein, and Edison. And in this modern era, Stephan Hawking is no less than a legend. But does anywhere come up the name Tesla?

No, not the car! The scientist- Nikola Tesla. It is highly unlikely that you would have heard of him until late in your life. Most people do not come across his name until they finish high school. It is said that such a genius, who revolutionized science in the early days remains unrecognized. Most people even go forward, calling Nikola Tesla a fraud and unworthy of the minimal attention he gets. And this is just sad.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

If there is one word that defined Nikola Tesla the best, it has to be- ‘Futurist.’ Nikola Tesla was a true futurist. But, in contrast, he started small. He was of Siberian origin who later settled in America. He is best known for his idea of Alternating Currents, which at that time was considered bizarre. He spent his early days working at Edison Machine Works. But soon, he left Edison Machine Works to make something by himself. 

It would not be wrong to say that the early days were tough for Nikola Tesla. He was living in a time where people could not see beyond their means. But Tesla always thought of the future. He was so focused on solving problems of the future that he barely paid any attention to the present. And this is the reason why people failed to appreciate what a genius he was.

Why does Nikola Tesla remain undiscovered?

The primary vision of Nikola Tesla was to find a way to make energy available to everyone at all times. In the later decades of the 1800s, this seemed like an impossible idea. But Tesla was obsessed with this idea, which leads to the invention of AC.  

As mentioned earlier, Tesla used to work for Thomas Alva Edison, who is known to have created the light bulb. But originally, it was created by Nikola Tesla, which was later patented by Edison. Yes, it is true, Edison robbed Tesla of his rightful respect and royalty.

Another popular theory regarding Tesla is that he was suffering from a rare condition called synesthesia. It is assumed that because of this condition, Tesla was able to imagine things at a whole new level. And not just that, he was able to design prototypes proving his theory. It is something that scientists struggle with for years, but Tesla could easily do it.

The main reason for Tesla’s unpopularity is because Edison constantly undermined him. After being betrayed by Edison, Tesla left his facility and established his laboratory. It took him time, but Tesla was a patient man.

Tesla’s idea was to bring alternating current in existence, but this also faced a lot of objection on the hands of the common man. It is because right before his invention, Edison Machine Works came up with Direct current. And since people had more faith in Edison at that time, they failed to see what AC could accomplish.

Tesla and his inventions

You would be surprised to know how far Tesla could think. He knew that Alternating current would transform America. He also came up with the concept of remote control and induction motor. But that is not all.

We use Wi-Fi almost every second of the day. Did you know that it was first thought of by Nikola Tesla? Wi-Fi in the 1800s sounds bizarre, but Tesla had come up with a project called Wardenclyffe Tower towards the end of his lifetime. 

Nikola Tesla

The main purpose of the Wardenclyffe tower was to provide wireless telecommunication, which was an entirely unexplored territory at that time. Unfortunately, it failed to work and was soon abolished. 

But this ignited a spark in the minds of many young inventors who used his original idea and built on it. Because of Tesla’s original design, we have telephones, satellites, and Wi-Fi.

His inventions were out of the world, but sadly he was out of luck. He was undermined by Edison and not well accepted by the common masses. It is the reason why Tesla remains a hidden gem. He was a pure genius who failed to find a place in people’s memories.

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