About Us

‘Press is the Fourth Estate’.

Isn’t this the first truth that an aspiring journalist learns during his/her initial days in the news media? Yes, this definition of the Press, through all the stages of its evolution has remained overwhelmingly true since ages, across countries and geographical boundaries. An invincibly strong and integral pillar of democracy, the news media has over the ages, given voice to what needs to be told at any given hour, and how it needs to be told. 

The dissemination of information through media is its own kind of revolution, which even great minds like Oscar Wilde couldn’t ignore. 

“In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press…. We are dominated by Journalism.” He expressed, with some degree of angst. 

How is News Media today? 

From the topmost print news outlets to the irresistible list of news channels in the broadcasting industry to the world wide web, there is news hovering all around us, in all shapes and sizes. News and happenings that we process from a plethora of these sources and strive to understand how they resonate with us in our daily conundrum of this life. With the evolution of the new age media, the tremendous potential of outreach of any news—local, regional, national or global, has increased manifold. With such massive outreach, the responsibilities of truthful citizen journalism have increased too. 

At Blogstank, we are a committed content team of news bloggers who write our news stories/blog pieces, being truthful to our responsibilities as informed ‘netizens’. We are citizens of this generation defined by the internet, driven not only by social commitment, but also by the ‘gift of the gab’. We know and realize the incredible power of the written word, and how the power can be harnessed to impact social change. Welcome to our world of news blogs, interesting, thought-provoking stories on science, culture, entertainment, education and more, breaking new grounds with a new, unique voice.  

Content Team:

Lopamudra Banerjee 

Lopamudra Banerjee is an author, editor and adjunct faculty of Creative Writing at Richland College, Dallas, USA. She has authored six books and has co-edited four anthologies in fiction and poetry. She has been a recipient of the Journey Awards (First Place category winner) for her memoir ‘Thwarted Escape: An Immigrant’s Wayward Journey’, and also a recipient of the Woman Achiever Award (IWSFF, 2018), the International Reuel Prize for Poetry (2017) and International Reuel Prize for her English translation of Nobel Laureate Tagore’s selected works of fiction (2016). Her nonfiction essays, fiction and other writings have been published in various journals, e-zines and anthologies in India, UK and USA. She is also a consulting editor of the literary e-zine ‘Learning and Creativity’, India. Recently, she has been an honorary poetry fellow at Rice University, Houston and co-produced the poetry film ‘Kolkata Cocktail’ directed by Shuvayu Bhattacharjee, where she has also featured as one of the lead actors.

Her works are available in her website www.lopabanerjeewrites.com and also in Amazon.com and Amazon India. 

Sayan Mitra

Sayan is a writer by choice or rather by instincts.

He had started as a content writer for an infrastructure development website. Over the years, he has been involved in several versatile projects, ranging from blogging to creative writing, penning down web content to site reviews.

Tourism, fashion, real estate, gambling, sports, politics, business proposals, presentation work, technical writing, generalized topics – Sayan has done it all, with his words.