Why don’t people believe in Evolution Theory?

There have been many theories as to how life started on earth. Some believe life came from organics once the atmosphere of the earth became habitable. On the other hand, there are other’s who believe that life came from meteors in the form of spores. Alien theories are prominent as well. But the most viable theory of all is the evolution theory.

Evolution theory states than modern-day creatures have risen from primitive unicellular organisms for thousands of years. In addition to this, it is believed that initial life existed in the form of RNAs. RNAs were formed as a result of vigorous reaction because the conditions on earth were uninhabitable then. Over time when the conditions improved, RNA condensed into DNA. And this led to the formation of the first unicellular organism. Past forward thousands of years and you will see humans roaming on the surface of the earth.

This is the most reliable theory so far. But many people do not believe this. Here are a few reasons why some people have no faith in Evolution Theory:

Creation Theory

If you go on YouTube, you will come across people who believe the earth is flat. You may come across some space deniers as well. But there is a small but rapidly growing community of Evolution deniers.

Creation theory

It is appalling that they not only try to trash the Evolution theory on a global scale but also promote something called “Creation Theory”. 

People who promote evolution theory believe that humans and all life forms were created as we see them today. They do not think that a single-cell organism can give rise to something so sophisticated. If you put it that way, it seems a little out of bounds. But what they fail to consider is the immense amount of time it took for us to evolve from a single cell organism. Thousands of years is a long period and can bring a lot of change.

Contrary to Evolution Theory, Creation Theory chooses not to accept that life started thousands of years ago. Creation theory stems from religious believes that God created the earth and the organisms living here. More like Adam and Eve?

Fact Check

Theory of Evolution still needs a lot of work. But we have managed to piece together significant segments of Evolution Theory. Then why does the Evolution theory seem so impossible to many people?

There is a simple reason behind this, people don’t have ample knowledge. Nor do they make attempts to learn. They are subjected to bizarre and unreliable data on the internet, and they choose to believe it. The lack of fact-checking has lead people to believe that evolution is a lie.

Fact check

There is a simple example- consider the Dinosaurs. We all know that Dinosaurs dominated the earth long before man came. But you will find people who would blatantly deny the existence of dinosaurs. Why? Because according to the internet, the word ‘Dinosaurs’ was coined in the early 1900s for the bony remains found under the surface of the earth.

Any knowledgeable person would be able to distinguish between the invention of the word ‘Dinosaur’ and the discovery of ‘Dinosaurs’. 

But some people argue otherwise. They believe that nobody knew about Dinosaurs before the early 1900s. It might be true in many ways. But that does not mean that there were no bony remains discovered from the Jurassic era, we just didn’t know what to call them.

A blind eye to evidence

When you think about the proofs of evolution, what comes to your mind? Homologous organs, analogous organs, vestigial structures, and many more. These are substantial pieces of evidence supporting the evolution theory. They claim that most organisms have a common ancestor who lived long before their emergence. But if you put it in front of someone who believes in the creation theory, he would ignore facts and deny evolution.

After a point, it is all about belief and your willingness to accept facts. The evidence of evolution is all around us. People just need to open their eyes. And if you want to deny that evolution ever happened, you need to have a solid argument. Do your research, and you will see that life did start from a single-celled organism. It just takes one step to survive.

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